Mobile Training Trailers

Building your future. Mobile Training Trailers.


Building Construction Skills in South Dakota's Emerging
Workforce Through Mobile Training and Hands-On Experience


The HBASE Workforce Development Committee now has mobile training trailers (Carpentry and Concrete) available for members to checkout to help train their employees. In an effort to fill the demand for skilled workers in the home building industry, the mobile trailers were created. For new employees who may need additional training, the trailers are fully equipped with tools and equipment used on job sites. The mobile training labs will also be used to promote the building industry to today’s youth at schools, career fairs and other events. For additional information about the mobile training labs, please contact the HBASE office at 361-8322 or email


THE NEED       

  • Demand for skilled workers in the construction trades continues to grow.
  • Skilled worker shortage across South Dakota.


  • Awareness and training that’s mobile and hands-on!
  • Introducing Skills Dakota, mobile training trailers that combine tools and training in the areas of carpentry and concrete finishing.


  • Young people who aren’t aware of what jobs exist in construction/people who don’t understand the variety of construction related positions
  • Parents who want their children to be exposed to a variety of options.
  • Businesses and organizations that have a group of people needing to be trained.                   

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