Membership Drive Contest

Congratulations to our 2018 Drive Winners!

Jim Dunham, Jim Dunham & Associates, won our 2018 HBASE membership drive contest earlier this fall by recruiting 7 new members! Preston Mettler of First Choice Development came in 2nd place with 6 new members and Lexie Ricci of Nielson Construction came in 3rd with 5 new members. Great job to everyone and their awesome recruiting efforts this fall!

Even though our local membership drive contest has ended for the year, there are still plenty of additional prizes and incentives offered through the National Association of Home Builders. From cash to the local HBAs to trips to California to VIP concert passes, see below for all the fun and exciting details!



VIP Treatment at the 2019 IBS Spike Concert

Outstanding Spikes will have a VIP area at the 2019 IBS concert! Spikes who recruit at least five new Builder or Associate members from Nov. 1, 2017 to Oct. 31, 2018 qualify to RSVP. The sooner you recruit five people, the sooner you'll have your chance to sign up! The VIP area is limited to the first 150 qualifying recruiters (each of whom can bring one guest) who RSVP – so finish strong!


Win a trip to Napa Valley

As the official NAHB membership sponsor, Signature Kitchen Suite is offering an all-inclusive trip to Napa Valley to the top six Builder members (members will compete against others from HBAs similar in size) who sign up the most NEW members this fall. The competition runs from Sept. 1 to Oct. 31, 2018.


Help HBASE win Cash by Recruiting!

HBASE is eligible to win cash for net growth during the National Membership Drive through their offer to Up Your Game in September & October. For every additional positive net member gained, HBA's across the country will get a cash reward.


Triple Spike Credits

This fall (September and October), recruiters of new HBASE members will earn TRIPLE Spike Credits for each new Builder or Associate member you bring in. Click here for more details on the NAHB Spike Club (NAHB website login required).



Get out there and recruit, recruit, RECRUIT!  

Recruiters needing prospective membership packets can call the HBASE office (605-361-8322) or stop by to pick up packets today. Reminder that new members can also apply for membership & pay online by clicking here.