Think Like a Thief

Properly Secure Your Jobsites by Thinking Like a Thief!

(download flyer here)

  • Use physical obstructions. At the end of each workday, position your property so it is difficult to steal. Block your job trailers in with heavy equipment (remove the keys!), tie down materials and do whatever you can to make life difficult for thieves. 
  • Consider a lock where the bar part that goes through the bracket/hinge is covered (similar to those found at storage units). Thieves are busting off the locks along with the hinge.
  • Invest in a trailer with sturdy walls. Thieves have been known to use pry bars to pop off the hinges allowing for easy access. It may cost more up front but consider it a business investment to increase security measures in the long run.
  • Record serial numbers on your tools and equipment. This allows the police department to track pawn shops nationwide as most are required to catalog the serial numbers of everything they sell.
  • Keep an up to date inventory. You’ll know quicker when something is missing and your workers will know that you’re watching.
  • Let the employees know the boss is watching. Make unexpected appearances so they know you’re monitoring things.
  • Plan your material deliveries carefully and in the proper sequence of use. Avoid taking deliveries on a Friday as most thefts occur over the weekend.
  • Make sure your site is well lit at all times as this will discourage trespassers.
  • Install cameras, even if they’re fake. Make it clear that thieves risk getting caught on your site.
  • Use an alarm system. Loud noises will scare away most thieves and will bring the police sooner.
  • Keeping your jobsite clean and organized will help you keep an eye on things better. When things are messy, tools are easy to steal in broad daylight.
  • Mark your equipment and tools with non-removable weather proof ID in a hard to find location.
  • Consider installing a GPS system on any expensive equipment.
  • Be firm with your employees on your policies for theft. Encourage them to assist in theft prevention and to report any suspicious activity (encourage reporting anonymous tips to the Crime Stoppers hotline 367-7007).
  • Change your locks or combination codes frequently, especially if you’ve had a disgruntled employee quit.
  • Keys should be issued to as few people as possible . Don’t hide keys on the jobsite as you never know who’s told who about it.