Carpentry Apprenticeship Program



Southeast Tech is collecting names of interested Builder members that have an interest in receiving employees from this program or that have current employees that they would like to enroll. Interested? Please call the HBASE office at 605-361-8322 or email us.

As a way to improve the availability of skilled, entry-level workers in the building industry, the HBASE will launch a new Carpentry Apprenticeship Program. With financial support from the Sioux Empire Home Builders Care Foundation and the South Dakota Department of Labor and in a collaborative partnership with Southeast Technical Institute and the Career and Technical Education Academy, this new apprenticeship program will provide low cost training and on-the-job learning to individuals seeking entry into the building industry.
A pre-apprenticeship program will also be established to allow students the opportunity to become more familiar with the apprenticeship model, gain familiarity with the building industry and to interface with potential employers. This classroom-based training will also include soft skills and employability components. Training for the Carpentry Apprenticeship program will consist of classroom, lab and on-the-job components.  Each of these components will be led by qualified professionals and will include subject matter designed specifically to meet the needs of the HBA member companies.
Classroom and lab time will consist of approximately 288 hours of instruction in construction components.  In addition, there will be a 4,000-hour requirement for on-the-job learning during which apprentices will be aligned with a sponsoring employer from HBA members. Upon completion of the apprenticeship program, students will receive a Department of Labor apprenticeship certificate. It is expected that those individuals completing the program will continue employment with the sponsoring employer. 
The anticipated costs for a student enrolling and completing the Carpentry Apprenticeship Program is expected to be $999 and can be paid either by the student or the sponsoring employer. Official link to the program.

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