Careers in the Industry

Homeownership is the "American Dream". That being said, how awesome would it be to drive by a house right here in your community and tell your friends and family that you helped build it? Your talents could give a family heat during those cold South Dakota nights, light to read bedtime stories or kitchens to make family memories in.

Whether it's building, remodeling or supplying the products and services that go into a home itself, there is a huge demand for future employees in this industry. When it comes to a career in construction, job security is there as well as very rewarding salaries. 

Parents of high schoolers... Your child doesn't need to acquire the debt of a 4-yr college degree to obtain a successful career. There are hundreds of employers right in the Sioux Empire looking for dedicated employees for the construction industry who are serious about their future. Construction is not just a fallback job; it's a career path.

Carpentry Apprenticeship Program

As a way to improve the availability of skilled, entry-level workers in the building industry, the association has a Carpentry Apprenticeship Program. With financial support from the Sioux Empire Home Builders Care Foundation and the South Dakota Department of Labor and in a collaborative partnership with Southeast Technical Institute and the Career and Technical Education Academy, this program provides low cost training and on-the-job learning to individuals seeking entry into the building industry. 

Seeking a New Career?

It comes as no surprise that there's a construction labor shortage in the Sioux Empire area (and nationwide!). As our city grows, the demand for dependable and well-trained workforce has never been greater. 

Don't have a college degree? Not even sure about going to technical school? That's ok. There are still plenty of local businesses in the construction industry that are in desperate need of a reliable, hard-working employee who are willing to learn through on-site training. 

Remember that the construction industry is fast moving and people are busy. Some companies may not have time to post their openings online as they want them filled ASAP. Even if a company hasn't posted openings through the link below, you could still call them to see if they're hiring or visit their website for possible postings. Click here to view a list of available construction-industry related jobs

Needing to Hire?

The HBASE has partnered to create a construction-industry specific job posting website. Members can post jobs at a discount. Click here to post a job