Sioux Falls Organizations Look To Stop Construction Site Theft

Original link from Keloland News - Posted 5/23/2017

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Spring time is prime time for construction crews across KELOLAND.
This makes some construction sites sitting targets for thieves.

"It’s a big inconvenience when we lose our equipment it shuts us down for a day or two," said Corey Johnson, president of the Sioux Falls Home Builders Association.

Now some crews are taking special steps to prevent these crimes.

"The home builders association and all of our members have got together and put flyers and banners out in front of constructions sites," Johnson said.

The signs have a simple message...REPORT IT!

For the last two years the Home Builders and the Crime Stoppers of the Sioux Empire have been working together to try and stop theft at job sites.

"If they see the crime stoppers sign there they might think twice about it and there's where public awareness comes from," said Mark Buehler, president of Sioux Falls Crime Stoppers.

Just being aware of what's going on in your neighborhood is key to preventing these crimes.

"If you see something going on with another builder call in and saying ‘hey are these people supposed to be there?’ If someone is running around in the middle of the night that's a good red flag that maybe we need to do something about that," Johnson said.

A call to crime stoppers is the easiest way to alert the authorities.

"Just tell them who you are and what's going on and with this growth we really need the help of the people and citizens," Johnson said.

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