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As more people downsize their homes, the same can't be said for their closet spaces. 
In fact, closets are becoming more spacious and extravagant.

It's hard to find a celebrity who doesn't have a custom closet. While most of us don't have spacious spaces like those, more people in our area are focusing more on their closets.

"It became now a staple of the home packages that contractors offer," Wendi Stensrud of Closets N More said.

Stensrud has been in the closet industry for more than two decades. She says the rooms are no longer just a shelf and rod.

"We are in such a rushed society that we want to get in, do our thing in our closets, get dressed, have it all there, and it makes it so much easier to have their clothes in the right spot," Stensrud said.

"I think what's happening nowadays with people is they don't spend as much time in their home as they used to. They don't need as big of a space inside their bedroom. It's just a place to sleep, so they'll give it over to their closets," Builder J.J. Myott said.

Homeowners aren't just opening the door to larger bedroom closets, but also pantries.

"Every pantry we do is more extravagant than the last one," Builder Daniel Glammeier said.

Glammeier says even those that are more of a standard pantry, have built-in shelves.

"People are moving a lot of things off of the kitchen countertops and into those pantries," Glammeier said.

Because of that reason, Glammeier says many homeowners are racking up storage space without adding on dollars.

"People also don't want to spend a ton of money on custom cabinetry because cabinetry can really add up. When you put a closet or pantry off to the side, and you can load it floor to ceiling with shelving, you can just put so much more in there," Glammeier said.

Which is why walk-in pantries and walk-in closets will likely stay in style longer than your wardrobe.

"More space in small spaces," Myott said.

The houses we toured are part of this weekend's Fall Parade of Homes.

© 2017 KELOLAND TV. All Rights Reserved.


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