More Homeowners Saying Cheers To Bars

Original story from 9/11/2017

Many people in the area don't have to drive to a business to go to a bar. More Sioux Falls homeowners are putting wet bars in their own basements.

Builders are putting the final touches on houses before this weekend's Fall Parade of Homes.

"Everything kind of goes in cycles," Dusty Rallis of Rallis Construction said.

 One of the features you'll see more of this year--wet bars.

"About nine out of ten of the homes we do that have a finished lower level are going to have a wet bar of some sort in them," Rallis said.

Rallis says more people have been saying cheers to home bars over the past five years. You'll find most of them in the lower level.

"We used to see the basements, as people called them, for storage. Now it's a lower level, and that's where the entertaining is," Rallis said.

While bars are definitely having a moment, Interior Designer Ruth Ann Scott says they're not necessarily just for drinking.

"It's also for second kitchens and for their kids to have friends over," Scott said.

Along with wet bars, more people in the area are also putting wine cellars inside their homes.

"Some people have a closet they call a wine cellar. This is a legit wine cellar," Rallis said.

Rallis says this is the second cellar he's built just this year.  While there's no doubt that more people are giving the trend a taste, it's too soon to know if it's built to last.

"Things change every year," Scott said.

The Fall Parade of Homes runs September 16-17 & 23-24, 2017 from 1-5pm all four days..

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