Repair Affair™

2019 Repair Affair Day volunteers (not all pictured) 


The next annual Repair Affair Day will be held on June 2, 2020 and will allow volunteers to donate their time and expertise to someone in need. Since 1993, around 250 repair projects have been completed with a total of 6,000 volunteer hours. The focus of the event is to make homes more accessible for the elderly or those with a permanent physical disability.


Applications for the next event will open January 2020 and will be due April 16, 2020.. Would you like to have a printed copy of the application mailed to you? Please email us or call 605-361-8322 to make your request.

Applications recieved for the event are reviewed by the Repair Affair committee January through April each year. Committee members then visit the homes to evaluate the repair requests prior to committee approval.

Some guidelines include:

  • Applicant(s) must own the home and reside in it

  • No mobile/manufactured homes will be accepted. No acceptions.

  • Must be either 65 yrs old or older OR have a permanent physical disability

  • Projects must be accessibility-relates (home repairs not applicable)

  • Must meet certain income guidelines

  • Must provide proof of household income for all residents in the home that bring in an income

  • All repairs must be accessibility related





“Thank you so much for securing my front railings, installing a grab bar in my bathroom and changing my doorknobs to levers. It is greatly appreciated.” 

    - Arlyce Buckman, Repair Affair project recipient

“Thank you so much for approving our project for the event! The work looks great and gives us better access and safety to our home. The crew was great and friendly to work with.” 

    - Ray and Kathy Black, Repair Affair project recipients

“I have a four year old myself and one that's in a wheelchair that needs the extra help, its' just great to help somebody and one in a wheelchair, where I know there's difficulties. To make their life easier, just feels great to be out here doing something nice.” 

    - Justin Driscoll, Repair Affair Team Leader / Volunteer

“We are ever so grateful to have found the Repair Affair program, because a project like this (a wheelchair ramp) is something way beyond the scope of what we are capable of doing.” 

    - George Hendrickson, Repair Affair project recipient

“Now I can come and go by myself. When the other ramp was there I had to have someone help me down and up the ramp, so this will be nice.” 

    - Joyce Graff, Repair Affair project recipient

“We would like to thank you for our ramp. They made a few changes and it has made Sam's accessibility so much better. He doesn't hit his foot on the wall anymore, the first day he said he would open the door to see if it was really true. So, again, thank you for all you do.” 

    - Sam & Linda Marks, Repair Affair project recipient

“Thank you! I'm enjoying everything! I can come up the steps from the basement and walk straight, rather than crawling. A special thank you to the volunteers.” 

    - Barb Davis, Repair Affair project recipient

“When you look at a family with hardship, to take one day off to help—it’s not that big of a deal to take one day off—when you think about what you’re doing.” 

    - Dave Serck, Repair Affair volunteer

“The focus of these projects is to enable people to have more accessibility in their own home. At the end of the day, the smiles never end. They are very appreciative.” 

    - Brad Mair, Repair Affair volunteer

“For the volunteers, what keeps them coming back is seeing the gratitude on families' faces after a project is complete.” 

    - Charlie Beatch, Repair Affair Team Leader

Robin Henry requested to have stairs to her back deck installed for her 8 year old daughter who is unable to walk because of a rare genetic disorder...“It's just really important for us because she can't walk around like regular kids so it's nice that she will be able to come and join us outside in the backyard or she can go play in our fenced yard by herself, or with her brothers.” 

    - Robin Henry, Repair Affair project recipient 

“It’s great! It will be easier to get out the front door. I like to be outside as much as I can and with the ramp, it will be nice. ”

   - Onalea Barber, Repair Affair project recipient