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Builder Members ($500/yr)

Your company would be in this category if you are a small-volume builder, production builder, light commercial builder or a home remodeler. You truly are the heart and soul of our association as you are directly involved in building and remodeling homes. To apply for a Builder membership, your business must provide either a copy of your Sioux Falls contractor's license or South Dakota excise tax certificate.

Associate Members ($500/yr)

If your business provides any services or products to the builders constructing the homes, you would sign up for an Associate membership. Whether your crew povides consultation services, installs windows & doors or offers financial services, we want you as an HBASE member. It's well know that homes can not be built without the help from Associate members.

Affiliate Members ($25/yr)

So you're already a Builder or Associate member but you're looking for even more? Your next step would be to sign up your employees as Affiliate members. They have access to all the member benefits including being listed in the membership directory (online & print). Also, they will receive the printed member newsletter each month. And just like yourself, they have access to the local, state and national discounts that come with membership. Complete the Affiliate application and send it into the HBASE office.