Member Testimonials



My involvement in the HBA is a valuable asset to our company. It shows our commitment to the industry, and to our customers. The knowledge that is gained, and the relationships that are built, help build our future success.

Mike Sprang
J.H. Larson Electrical Co.

(members since 1995)

Being a HBASE member allows me educational opportunities as well as social and networking events, and let’s be honest, home builders are a  fun group of people. HBASE membership allows me to give back to my community, as there is something for every person and every industry. HBASE continually makes an effort to protect our city and our businesses. Membership is a “no-brainer”! 

Jim Dunham
Jim Dunham & Associates

(members since 2014)

We have enjoyed being members of the HBA! They do a wonderful job putting on the Home Show and if we ever need anything they are awesome at assisting us. We will be HBA members for years to come and we look forward to diving into all that the HBA has to offer.

Dr. Nate DeJong
Highest Health Chiropractic
(members since 2016)

When I attended my first HBASE membership meeting over a decade ago, a presenter said ‘you’d get as much as you’d put in’. After serving on various committees, volunteering at the Home Show and community projects and also attending member get-togethers, I’ve enjoyed and benefited meeting and helping so many members. The HBA offers an open and connected platform to discuss community challenges and taking action for its growth and betterment.

Jay Buchholz
Sioux Valley Energy
(members since 1986)

Being a member of the HBA can open so many doors of opportunity. The HBA staff are always so welcoming and helpful!  Through monthly membership meetings, committee meetings and of course golf outings I have not only had the opportunity to build relationships with future customers but I have also made life long friendships!  Thank you HBA!  

Rachael Neiman
First Dakota National Bank
(members since 2004)


The HBASE has introduced me to many business professionals in the construction industry. Developing these relationships with HBA members helps me learn about new products, design features and ultimately further my knowledge of the construction industry. The HBA also provides many great education opportunities that keep me up to date on all of the local code changes and OSHA safety practices. 

Cory Hjellming
Hjellming Construction Co.
(members since 1963)

Being a member of the HBA has been a great way for me to meet people from other areas of our industry we do not get to interact with normally.

Kelly Vis
Scott's Lumber & Supply

(members since 1948)

The networking and educational opportunities provided by HBA are fantastic.  I saw an immediate return on investment by simply being involved. 

Justin Anderson
Hebron Brick Supply

(members since 1981)

My HBA membership has allowed me to become and stay relevant to the building community within the Sioux Empire – giving me the opportunity to both contribute and extract value to/from the organization.  It’s truly paved the way for interaction, networking and the chance to shape what decisions are made on the local level.

Joe Sonnenfeld
James Harding Building Products

(members since 2014)